Jane the Virgin Season Four

So I finished Season Four of Jane the Virgin. Let’s talk about it. I’m not going to do what I normally do and recap the season, and focus instead on my thoughts. Jane and Rafael are a couple by the end of the season, but who else decides to show up? Michael freaking Cordero; Jane’s supposedly dead husband. Now here’s my thing. My feelings for Michael would fluctuate depending on what season I was on, however my feelings for him now are pretty clear. 

I am officially marking myself as Team Rafael all the way, though my true allegiance is to Jane and Mateo. I think allowing Michael into Mateo’s life would only complicate things because the boy was smart enough to know what dead meant and how hurt his mom had been. He is finally seeing his little family being together and being happy, so I don’t think adding Michael back into the mix would do anyone any good. But then that means there are questions; where did he go? Was it his choice or had he been held against his will? How did he pull it off? Why come back now? So many unanswered questions that will have to wait until Jane the Virgin returns to the CW in January 2019.

The hardest part of this season for me was Xiomara’s battle with breast cancer. For me, and a lot of other people, the topic hit home. I have had to watch someone battle such an unforgiving disease before, and they didn’t win. So watching that storyline unfold was particularly difficult for me. With that being said, I love that they didn’t just have her lose her hair and call it a day. The way she spoke, walked, held herself, all the way to the appearance of her skin; it all changed. This wasn’t a half-done attempt at portraying cancer, it was accurate and heart-wrenching. I liked the dynamic the entire family took when dealing with the cancer, they worked together and supported every decision she made. 

Alba gains her citizenship during this season, and the emotions that were shown on her face as she relived memories of talking to her late husband Mateo about them getting their citizenship really tugged at my already abused heartstrings. Her marriage with Jorge is a sweet moment but will probably end up causing problems next season if he doesn’t come to love her the way she secretly hopes he will. However, their ‘business arrangement’ as she called it, is the reality for a lot of immigrants who are undocumented. Without a way to return home assured that they could come back, many are unable to visit sick, dying relatives before they pass. 

Petra Solano is a woman that I have come to love, because her character development is outstanding. I’m not going to say that her dating a woman is character development because it shouldn’t be used as a ticket or ‘phase.’ I enjoyed the fact that they didn’t oversexualize her relationship with Jane Ramos, instead choosing to portray them as a normal couple who squabble and bicker and ultimately, love each other. The curve ball that Petra had actually killed her sister was unexpected, but that may just be because I didn’t particularly care whose fault it was. On the other side of the commotion, Rogelio and Darcy have a child who they name Baby. While the name is unconventional, it is to be expected of the same show who named Petra and Rafael’s twins Elsa and Anna. 

I believe that the next season will pull every telenovela card that they can from their arsenal and use it to make us laugh, to make us cry, and ultimately to make us want more. I look forward to it. 

Now that I’ve caught up with Jane the Virgin, I’m not sure what show to watch next. If anyone has any suggestions, let me know.

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