Jane the Virgin Season Three

Spoilers ahead. 

Season three of Jane the Virgin only contained 20 episodes instead of the normal 22, and with this season came a huge tragedy; Michael’s death. For me, what hurt the most of his unexpected death was the fact he dies in a classroom, surrounded by strangers. Gina Rodriguez’s acting during the moments of Jane finding out about his death was spectacular acting and anyone who wasn’t touched is lying to themselves. Then the season takes a three-year jump, with two episodes working to show you everything that has happened since his death. We watch as Jane is trying to move on with her life and begin dating again. We see Luisa continue dating Rose under the guise of dating a woman named Eileen. Rafael is suspicious of his sister and tells her a lie that his cancer had returned, luring her back to the Marbella where Rose is caught. Luisa confronts Rafael which leads to a heated argument that causes mentally unstable Luisa to leave the hotel, and shares a cab ride with Anežka, who is currently angry with Petra. 

We also watch Jane have her first fling, with telenovela star Fabian, her father’s co-star. This ends badly when he finds out that she delayed breaking up with him so that he would help her find white horses for her father’s wedding. An actual fist fight between Rogelio and Fabian occurs after Fabian calls Jane a slut, which ends with Jane actually punching him in the face because he swung at her dad. Speaking of her dad, we find out that his ex-girlfriend Darcy is actually seven months pregnant with his child, and so with Xiomara and Rogelio’s wedding coming up the tension was crazy, but the couple end up getting married during a lingering tropical storm. For the last few episodes Jane is searching for a letter that Michael had written her before they were married, as per the instructions of the priest that they were seeing. She is unable to find this letter, even returning to the house they shared to check the loose floorboard. 

At her parent’s wedding, she is about to confront Rafael and tell him about her romantic feelings for him, knowing that he and Petra had broken up again. However, as she heads out to tell him, she runs into Adam (played by Teen Wolf’s Tyler Posey), the man she was with when she was 19—they were actually engaged and everything. In true Jane the Virgin fashion, we are left with a huge cliff hanger being Anežka pointing a gun at Petra and Jane and Adam reuniting. 

This season was crazy, with Michael’s death leaving me reeling, I liked the fact the show gives us a couple of episodes to catch up with Jane’s life. I think it was an interesting choice to do a time jump, I think it kept the show rolling in a good direction as opposed to the slow-moving route it may have gone if we had to grieve alongside Jane in real time. As the season progressed, I began to like Rafael again, but I think his character is one that closely resembles a rollercoaster. His actions and words and who he seems to be change depending on where he is in his life and what kind of situation he finds himself in. He’s not really a reliable character to root for, which is what makes him interesting. Luisa is kind of the character that you root for and hope that she gets her life together but as she continues to make the wrong decisions i.e.; dating the woman who killed her father and kidnapped her nephew, you slowly begin to lose hope for her. The next season, I’ve been warned, will emotionally hurt me so I’m both excited and scared because things are finally beginning to look up for Jane. 

What did everyone think of season 3?

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