Jane the Virgin Season Two

Spoilers Ahead. 

This season begins with a cliffhanger regarding Jane’s newborn son Mateo, who has been kidnapped by Sin Rostro in order to locate a chip that has a list of every criminal who went to the crime lord for plastic surgery to alter their face. Michael breaks the law and goes to retrieve the brooch that contains the chip from the police station only to find out Luisa took it as a memento of her affair with Rose. After a successful effort in retrieving Mateo, the season takes focus on Jane as a parent, and co-parenting with Rafael. For a while she is unsure who of the two men she wants to be with, only being able to focus on her son, which leads to a lot of tension between Rafael and Michael, coming to a head when they get into a physical altercation that results in Mateo being injured by a glass shard. At this point, everything looks like it is moving in Rafael’s favor because Michael gets fired and leaves, traveling with Nadine, something we don’t find out right away. Unfortunately, right when Jane seems to be getting ready to get back together with Rafael, she finds out he did turn Michael in, and when Sin Rostro is presumably killed, Michael returns to Jane hoping it isn’t too late. It isn’t. 

The season finale ends with Michael and Jane getting married, and Susanna Barnet, Michael’s partner, shooting him in the chest and we are left with yet another cliffhanger. In a nut shell, season 2 was a rollercoaster of events. 

One character I’d like to point out, is Petra Solano, who endures so much throughout the first two seasons. In season one, we see her as the reoccurring thorn in Jane and Rafael’s side because of her schemes and plots. However, in season two we see a different side of her, we see the human and vulnerable side that has an evil mother who would turn her in, and hid the fact she had a twin sister. This could turn anyone into a monster, but Petra shows massive character development when she becomes a mother, and even works with Jane on becoming friends. Season two ends with her being routinely poisoned by her twin sister who is parading around as if she is Petra. It’s a mess, but one can really see how she could make misguided choices due to the life she has led up to this point. 

Abuela gets her green card, and that scene was emotionally evoking because of what this symbolizes; abuela does not have to live in fear anymore and can now truly relax in a country she has called home for years. She’s a character with flaws, the way she lashes out at Xiomara when she does not agree with something that she has done is problematic, but she grows to understand that they are very different and learns to accept that. She has her own storyline in this season involving Pablo Segura, who we find out is the man she lost her virginity to, before getting married to Xiomara’s father. Pablo is first described by Alba as being cursed but by the end of their engagement when he was caught sleeping around, she realizes that he in fact is the curse. It’s interesting that characters around Jane are having their own storyline and arcs, apart from their lives with them. With Rogelio de La Vega even having a kidnapping arc where he is held hostage by a crazy stalker, we are able to get glimpses of who these characters are away from the titular character. Overall, I think this season added a lot to the growing story and I look forward to watching season 3. 

What was everyone’s favorite part of Season 2?

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