To All The Boys I’ve Loved Before

This movie was seriously cute, beyond cute even. It was the kind of movie that one can just really sit back and enjoy it because it is genuinely fun to watch. The plot is one that has been around for so long; people fake a relationship that ends up being real when they inevitably fall in love with one another. The plot isn’t new, it’s one we have seen often however, what sets this movie apart is the fact that they do not run from the cliche tropes. In fact, the movie embraces the tropes and uses them beautifully.

We follow Lara Jean, a 16 year old girl who loves reading about romance but is scared of actually talking to boys and bringing that fantasy into reality. She has been writing love letters to boys who she found herself crushing on so hard that she needed some way to release everything. Her little sister Kitty takes it upon herself to mail all five letters, one to Peter Kovinsky, one to Josh Sanderson, Lucas James, John McClaren, and Kenny from Camp. Lucas James ends up being a close friend to Lara Jean, and he is gay so they are able to quickly move past the declarations of love in the letter. Josh Sanderson is the recently dumped boyfriend of her older sister Margot, and because of this, the situation grows that much more complicated. Lara Jean ends up kissing Peter on the track course because she doesn’t want Josh to think she actually likes him and this choice causes an entire chain of events. 

Now; Peter Kovinsky is the ex-boyfriend of Genevieve, Lara Jean’s ex-best friend who never has the moment where she moves on from being the generic vapid evil girl. Evil being a strong word, but she was definitely mean for no other reason than feeling jealous and threatened by Lara Jean but not having the maturity to talk it out. She remains a two-dimensional character, which is actually kind of rare for movies of this time. The movie does an excellent job of moving the plot along without omitting important and cute parts of the building relationship. Despite giving us about one or two scenes per month leading up to the Ski Trip, we are still able to watch as they grow closer. Bonding due to their similar home lifes, with Lara Jean’s mother having passed away and Peter’s father leaving his mom and the kids. It’s a genuine connection that makes the chemistry between them seem so natural. 

I found myself laughing and smiling a lot throughout this movie because it’s entire basis is that of support and love. Even her sisters aren’t shown in the light of sibling rivalry, and she has a great relationship with her father. The only negativity in the movie seemed to be Genevieve and the mess that was the accidental ‘sex’ tape. Even then, Peter defends her in front of the whole school but the movie does a good job of addressing the fact she was getting all the heat while he remained fine throughout the whole ordeal. 

Overall, this is a very cute movie that I will be watching again and again. Being named with the likes of The Kissing Booth, I actually ended up preferring this over that movie. Both are cute but the entire movie was spun in a positive light while a lot of The Kissing Booth has drama and strife. I just think that To All The Boys I’ve Loved Before is wholesome and with a growing fanbase, I am hoping for the sequel.

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