Captain Marvel Ramble Fest

I waited a lot longer than I was originally intending to before writing this. I want to say that it is because I chose to wait until I was sure everyone who would read this had already seen it to avoid spoiling the experience. But the honest truth is that I have papers due in a couple of weeks, a few exams in the weeks leading up to that only to end up with finals after the papers. So I’ve been overwhelmed and haven’t focused on this.

All that aside, the movie was marvelous. (C’mon, I cannot be the first to say this but I couldn’t skip the opportunity. I love me a good play on words.) By starting us off where she’s already in the Kree civilization, believing to be one of them, we are then in the perfect position to be caught off guard and just as confused as she is, when we see her nightmares that look suspiciously a lot like earth. She’s named Vers on Kree, and she’s part of Starforce. She seems to be the one that they cannot control, and that makes sense because she is being shackled by an implant, unable to use her powers to their full potential while also having been stripped of her memories from her time on Earth.

I’m not going to give you a play-by-play, just go watch the movie it’s great. I’ve seen some opinions that the movie was too political for it’s own good and that made people upset. I know that politics are a really divisive topic throughout society right now, with a lot of polarizing opinions but I think; whether we agree with the opinions or not, media has always been used spread political statements. Marvel has always done this, since the very first Iron Man, where Stark is unknowingly supplying the bad guys with ammunition and weapons and he finds himself needing to get back home, by any means necessary. We know his origin story. Marvel has never shied away from making big political statements, because they feel that what they are saying is important.

The next movie that is coming out is Avengers: Endgame. Honestly, I’m terrified. I’ll be in Virginia visiting my older sister when it comes out, so I’ll probably only be able to see it the following friday. I want to watch all of them in order at some point soon but that’ll most likely happen after I watch Endgame because I won’t be able to wait.

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