Jane the Virgin Season Premiere

Season Five Episode 1

The ending of last season brought a lot of confusion and questions about Michael, and what happened with him. These questions seemed to be answered in the season premiere. We find out that Rose faked his death and messed with his brain just enough to give him amnesia, dropping him off in Montana. Very telenovela-esque, so I approve.

Let’s talk about the scene where Jane is talking to abuela and Xo about how ‘fine’ she is, when all in all, we can see just how ‘fine’ she really is. It’s such an impactful scene that gives us a look into her mind with all of this news. It would be a lot for anyone to take in, but Jane as already been through so much, it’s a wonder how she is even standing anymore. In this episode, as a strong Rafael and Jane fan, I really felt for Rafael. When Xo comforts him about the whole situation, he loses it and begins crying, showing how much the idea of losing Jane really scares him. This in itself, shows how much character development he has undergone throughout the seasons. He went from a guy that acted like a playboy and just cared about money, but now he is so much more. He’s a family guy that will do whatever it takes to keep his family together. He’s so in love with Jane, and they’ve been through so much just to have a chance.


I haven’t seen episode two yet because I wanted to write this little blurb beforehand as to not confuse information from the two episodes. I will watch it today and get the review out by Wednesday, so that I can write the review for episode three on Thursday. I have a few other posts planned. In the coming weeks, I need to write and schedule posts because I will be going on a trip and will be out of town for a week.

I think I’ve been saying this for the past four or so posts, but I really plan on reading a decent chunk of Order of the Phoenix. I need to get better at setting attainable goals. Goals that won’t stress me out or make me feel overwhelmed. I want to finish Harry Potter as soon as possible, so that I can start a new series. I’m going to plan mid-May to finish the books finally. This will give me a chance to read between my spring and summer semesters, as well as just having more time during the summer semester.

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