Jane the Virgin S5E2

And the show keeps stressing me out. This episode really underlines the evil nature that is Sin Rostro aka Rose, aka Louisa’s on and off again girlfriend. There aren’t really any redeeming factors to her character. She does really awful things and claims that they were for the benefit of others. Currently, she is claiming that she gave Michael amnesia because she was worried he saw her mask lift off last season and was worried he was going to bust her.

Touching on the importance of Catholicism in Jane’s life, and the tricky subject of divorce after Jane finds out she and Michael/Jason are still technically married. In the end, she decides to go through with getting a divorce, and Alba understands and agrees–something that took Jane by surprise.

I’ve come to realize that these episode reviews/rambles won’t be very long because there is only so much that I can talk about without seeming repetitive. Episode three comes out tonight which means the next Jane post will be published this coming Friday. Afterwards, Jane posts are reserved for thursdays with other posts taking place on different days.

Coming Up

I finally completed Smallville this past Monday, so an entire post dedicated to my emotions about the finale and the overall show will be going up this coming Sunday.

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