Always Hold Onto Smallville

I’ve done it. I’ve officially completed Smallville, and I’m emotional about it. I’m going to talk about the series finale while also talking about the show as a whole. Less of a review and more like a ‘I need to get these things out of my brain and onto paper.”

Smallville is a ten season long show that follows the story of Clark Kent aka Superman but before he is the man of steel as we know and love. We meet him when he’s a freshman in high school and we leave him right after he defeats darkseid and puts on the red and blue suit with the cape. We are able to watch his journey in understanding his powers, his heritage and figuring out what being a hero actually means.

Along the way we get easter eggs in the form of another well-known characters such as Cyborg, Black Canary, Aquaman, Green Arrow and the Flash. As a precursor show to today’s Arrow, the Flash, Supergirl, etc, Smallville paved the way for our favorite superhero shows. In fact, Arrow premiered the year after Smallville ended, and will be concluding this coming season.

The series finale was a 2 hour long special, which is completely fitting considering how much information they had to throw at us. Lex Luthor is resurrected but because of Tess Mercer, he doesn’t remember anything about Clark Kent. Fun fact; in the fall of 2018 he became the elected President of the United States in the Smallville universe. Can we take a minute and saw how blessed we were that Michael Rosenbaum didn’t use a bald cap while being a series regular? The bald cap made his head look large and awkward during his appearances in the finale.

The writers and everyone behind the scenes did a really good job of tying everything up in a pretty little bow; we get to see Jonathan Kent and Martha Kent give Clark the push he needed in order to finally welcome his kryptonian side completely. We hear Jor-el finally say how proud he is of Clark, which is something that he’s been working towards for so long.

We get the future that Clark saw where Lois is an important journalist with Perry White as her editor and he’s in the full suit, being the public hero for the world. Now, of course it’s a very open ending because his story isn’t complete. Smallville was always meant to show how the man became the hero, and thus when he finally became the hero, the show was over. It’s bittersweet, but it has left me with a really content feeling. Of course, Smallville was hinted at during this past year’s crossover event on the CW, with us going to the Kent farm where the theme song of Smallville is playing. Little details such as this one really help me let go of shows and move to new ones. These characters live on though, and just like with any other fictional world, we can always return to them when we miss them.

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