Jane the Virgin S5E3

In this episode we watch as Jason asks Jane out on a date, wanting to see if the chemistry was dead between them before finally signing the divorce papers. It’s frustrating, and I don’t quite understand what made him feel so differently towards Jane. The first episode, we see them bicker and realize all the differences between them, but after one night of square dancing, he wants to try and be with her.

During this episode, Rafael actually confronts Jason and I think Jason says something really interesting. He explains that he looked into his own history and that he and Jane were together before Rafael swooped in and yet, they still got married. A part of me wonders whether Jason is just being vindictive. It’ll take more episodes for me to fully have an opinion.

There’s also a really cute scene with Petra and Jane, because Petra is feeling left out by Jane not speaking with her about Jason. They bond and Jane is finally able to talk to someone who isn’t Rafael or Alba. Petra says something that really stuck with me. “You owe it to yourself to protect yourself and your family.”

Jason and Jane finally have a really nice moment, the first one to seem genuine. For a moment, it does feel like Michael is there, just below the surface but then he’s gone. He explains that he is going to leave and go back to Montana, and as a strong advocate for Rafael and Jane, I was so relieved and happy.

The show touched on a topic that is very important. Rogelio finds out that he is being paid less than River Fields, and he loses his mind. After the dramatics, we find out that the problem isn’t that she is a woman. But rather, as a latino actor, he is being paid less. He says something here that really struck me, that he is out seeking validation from a country that doesn’t seem to appreciate or value him. Without getting too political, because I don’t want this post to be three years long, I think this was a really sweet moment.

Did I mention that Jason seemed to have gotten his memories back when he accidentally scratched the ceiling with a fishing rod and pieces fell down on him like snow?

Coming up:

Looking forward to the new episode this Wednesday, and with a post about it this coming Thursday.

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