Chilling Adventures of Sabrina Season Two

For anyone who hasn’t watched the newest season of The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina, this post will have spoilers galore.

I’m going to break up this ramble fest into parts; the romance, the gore, and the plot. This way, I can gush about each aspect individually rather than going back and forth in a seemingly disorganized way.

The Romance

Season one ends with Harvey and Sabrina on the outs, she signs the book of the beast and now feeling the darkness within her, says she can’t be with him because it would be too dangerous. While I agreed with the sentiment, it made me wonder what direction the story would go because anyone who watched Sabrina the Teenage Witch, knew that Harvey and Sabrina were deemed endgame. A big wrench in the form of warlock Nicholas Scratch was thrown into the match with season two, with their relationship growing from allies, to friends, to a couple in the span of a few episodes. They even agree to spend Lupercalia together, the more risqué witch version of Valentine’s Day.

Personally, I am leaning towards Scratch because of his faith in Sabrina. Harvey has all the reason to be wary about magic and what it means to be a witch because he found out about Sabrina’s family and her powers in the worst possible way. However, he should have believed in her. Scratch on the other hand, never seemed to doubt her. He’s on her side completely, by her side no matter what controversial plans she makes and no matter how openly she went against Blackwood and even the devil himself. (More on that in The Plot) On the mortal side of things, Ros and Harvey are a couple. This didn’t necessarily shock me, but it did seem a little quick in terms of growth. I do like them together though, except when they team up against Sabrina, accusing her of being the reason Ros finally lost her eyesight.

The Gore

Without a doubt, this season offered far more in the gore department than the first season. One scene I haven’t gotten over mentally is the cruel fate of Ambrose’s familiar, Leviathan where he got dropped into a meat grinder. I still think about it and haven’t gotten over it. There’s also another scene where Lilith is ripping a rib out of herself, and honestly, could have done without it. This season had a lot more scenes that were hard for me to watch only because of the sounds. However, it never crossed the line of being unbearable. It seemed as though the special effects were used a lot more liberally this time around, with numerous points where people are beheaded or we are shown the illusion of someone else being cut in half.

The Plot

Filled with literal daddy issues, the plot twists never seemed to stop. At the end of Season one we see Ambrose being welcomed into a group of warlocks who are all chanting “Hail Satan! Hail Judas!” and looking quite vicious while doing so. We learn more about this group and that Blackwood is not so surprisingly, a horrible person who believes warlocks are above witches and that mortals are the filth of the earth. Without regurgitating a season synopsis to you all, I want to address the big devil of it all.

The devil, it turns out, is Sabrina’s father. Not only that, but Nicholas Scratch was helping him by helping Sabrina. (Full disclosure: I do not think Nicholas had any idea the true motives of the devil, and he actually loves her but I digress) Blackwood has gone out of his mind and is turning his back on everything after attempting to poison the entire coven. In the end, Nicholas sacrifices his own body to bind the devil within, and he is taken to Hell by Queen Lilith (who I ended up being fond of), leaving us to wonder what the next season will bring.


People who turned to this show because they loved Sabrina the Teenage Witch were obviously surprised by the darker turns this show has taken. I, however, with my deep love for horror movies and all things scary, have really come to love the show. I cannot wait to see what comes next for Sabrina and the rest of the characters. What did everyone think of this season? Predictions for next season?

What show should I watch next?

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