Jane the Virgin S5E4

Michael is no longer Jason, and now he has all of his memories back. That means, he loves Jane again and the plot thickens and Rafael is heartbroken. Now, he does something here that I find really interesting, in that by the end of the episode he is telling Jane to leave, and Mateo hears, and says that he wants to stay with his dad.

Jane realizes that this is her worst nightmare, being on seemingly different sides of a line from her son and Rafael. I’m curious to see how this plays out, because I do feel for Rafael. They’ve all been in this situation before, where Jane is caught between the two of them. In the past, she has always chosen Michael so it begs the question, will she choose him again? It’s only the fourth episode and I’m already stressed about it. Petra’s mom is back and wow, I did not miss her. Absolutely horrid. Speaking of Petra, she is back with JR which is so cute and I am so happy. She actually has her chance of being happy and I’m very excited for her.

The scene where Michael and Rafael are chasing Jane while carrying giant tea cups was both funny and very creepy. I look forward to seeing what next week brings and how Jane handles Rafael turning a cold shoulder, and the fact Michael is clearly here to stay and get her back.

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