Jane the Virgin S5E5-8

For those of you who have stumbled onto this post without reading my previous JTV posts, bare in mind that they aren’t usually clustered this way, I’m just very behind and working to catch up.

Jane the Virgin S5E5

What stood out to me the most in this episode was Rafael’s behavior and attitude. I thought he was completely out of line to allow Mateo to be mad at Jane and say he hated her just because Raf was hurt and angry as well. I was really happy to see him come to his senses and be there to support Jane as they work to co-parent. I’m worried that he will start having a substance issue since we last see him taking some sort of pill with alcohol. Jane also confesses that she needs to figure out how she feels about Michael, which I agree with, and begins to write again finally.

Jane the Virgin S5E6

Will Jane go to Montana? Will she realize who she wants to be with? Will I ever get used to Alba talking about vibrators? That’s the one question I have the answer to and the answer is no, no I will not.

Jane the Virgin S5E7

Since I’m writing these little snippets as I finish the episodes, I’m a bit all over the place. My bad. So in this episode, Jane spends a couple days with Michael in Montana so they can figure out how they feel about eachother. She figures out that she wants to be with Rafael and that she loves him, but he says he doesn’t trust her and he says he can’t do it. Jane isn’t giving up though, determined to win Rafael’s trust and love back. Also, Sin Rostro is up to some shady stuff in the background but it hasn’t been pushed to the forefront yet.

Jane the Virgin S5E8

When Jane spirals, she spirals so fast and so deep that it’s hard to get a hold of her. Sometimes it makes her annoying but it also makes her a character that people can relate to. Though she doesn’t understand people’s boundaries in general, which makes the beginning of this episode very frustrating.

Here’s my thing with Jane, she gets an inch and has to take a mile. That’s evident in the scene where she shows up at the Fuller house that Rafael is trying to sell. Because she thought there was an opening, she had to do a big romantic gesture that blows up in her face when Rafael gets angry and tells her that they are through and that she should move on. Xiomara says something really poignant at this point. Jane says “I just don’t believe in my heart, that it is over” to which her mom says “You don’t have to believe it but you have to accept it.” This is a great scene that reminds me how much I love the interactions between Xiomara and Jane.

Jorge realizes that he was being prideful and that he loves Alba, so they get back together and you can tell how happy she is. I loved that. Another thing that I love? JR and Petra! I love that the moment Petra found out that her kids are scared of JR she is ready to end things because being a mom is her top priority. JR then agrees but that she wants a chance to bond with them first.

We also catch another glimpse of that guy from Rose’s little group sitting in a car watching Rafael as he calls Luisa and pretends to be at the laundromat. Weird things are happening and I’m waiting for them to come to the surface so we as the audience can know more.

Few hours of my life later and I am officially all caught up. New JTV post coming next thursday.

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