Riverdale Season 3 Finale

If the title didn’t warn you this post will contain spoilers and basically nothing but spoilers. So if you haven’t had a chance to watch the Riverdale Season 3 finale “Survive the Night” then go do that and come back and read this.

To recap, we find out the big bad guy that has been driving it all from behind the scenes is none other than Penelope Blossom. She has been biding her time until she could finally get her revenge on Riverdale; the town that she believes is cursed and has betrayed her on more than one occasion. Oh and the gargoyle king? Turns out to be none other than Chic, you remember him right? The guy who pretended to be Alice’s lost son who also turned out to be super vile and Betty gave him up to the black hood before she knew it was her father? Yeah, that guy. He’s the gargoyle king and he is crazy. At one point, Jughead asks him why he would want to be the king and he says “who hasn’t wanted to be king? to have blood sacrifices done in your name?” The unmistakable words of a crazy person.

One of my favorite story lines this season has been about the Farm because the fact that it was so clearly a cult and yet it had seemingly gained the trust of Alice Cooper. it was increasingly frustrating to know that something shady was happening and yet there was no solid evidence. But then we find out that this entire time, the farm was harvesting organs from their followers and selling them. This bombshell is found out by Betty and when she proves it to Cheryl, she goes to get Toni out before her surgery is happening. The organs act like ice water and wake Cheryl and Toni out of the trance that the farm seemed to have them in. Well, it seemed to. We see at the end of the episode that Cheryl took Jason’s body and has him in the house now, and she talks to him. I’m interested in seeing how this plays out for her next season.

It wouldn’t be a season finale if we weren’t left on a cliff hanger. This one came in the form of a flash forward that shows Betty, Veronica and Archie in their underwear standing over a fire and splattered with bloody. Betty tells them that they have to burn all of their clothing, including Jughead’s beanie and that they’d all go their separate ways and never talk about what happened. Jughead isn’t shown, but his beanie is there which hints that he somehow, is the reason they are covered in blood. The CW seems to have a habit right now of flash forwarding or hinting at the demise of a character, with Arrow and the Flash as prime examples. We will see how the story pans out next season which will most likely be returning in the fall.

If you’ve seen the season finale, let me know what your opinions are because I’m sure I left some stuff out of this post because I didn’t want to just regurgitate the plot.

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