Order of the Phoenix Ramble

I’ve finally done it. I’ve finished the book. It took me way longer than I expected it to, but this past week I’ve been implementing a new habit. Every night before bed I’ve been reading for at least 30 minutes. Last Friday, I didn’t go to sleep until 2 in the morning because I was finishing Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix. I’ve got a lot to say, but what else is new?

Points of Plot

The book begins with Harry during yet another miserable summer at Privet Drive and the Dursleys. Things go awry when he and Dudley are cornered by a dementor, forcing Harry to use magic to conjure up a patronus in order to save his cousin. He has spent weeks without being told anything about the whereabouts of Voldemort and whether there has been any news about what has been happening. Fast forward a bit and he finds out about the Order of the Phoenix, a group of people made up of some of the same people who fought against Voldemort the last time. This is the very same order that Harry’s parents were a part of when they were killed.
Throughout this book, we see deeper glimpses into the relationship between Harry and Sirius, but more than that. We see more interactions between Sirius and Remus. The jokes, the nostalgia they feel towards their years at Hogwarts. It made Sirius’ sudden death that much more gut wrenching. There’s a lot of secrecy in this book, where things are never quite as they seem. Dumbledore seemed to ice Harry out, giving him a cold shoulder only for us to find out that he was doing it so Voldemort couldn’t use Harry to spy on him. I’m kind of jumping all over the place because I don’t want to just give a summary of the book. There’s a lot and it’s a great read.

  • Ginny is so much more than the two-dimensional character we see in the movie. She dates, and she defends herself and she isn’t so mousy and shy.
  • Ron and Hermione are shown bickering a lot more often, which is cool because we see the progression towards how they end up together.
  • Having already seen the movies, I know the plot of these books but the pages give me so much more than the movies could. Don’t get me wrong though, the movies do a phenomenal job of staying true to the books but there are little things.
  • My favorite scenes in this book are a tie between every part dealing with the order, and every part that Harry is teaching other students defense against the dark arts.

Up Next

Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince

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