Stranger Things Season 2

I’ve finally caught up on Stranger Things and like with everything else, I have some thoughts.

This was the season of me gushing over the characters and how much I adore them. Everyone except Billy, but he wasn’t written to be liked. I’ll get there.

We are dealing with the aftermath of season 1, a year has passed and all has seemingly returned to normal. But this is Hawkins and normal doesn’t stay normal and things go awry more often than not. With only 9 episodes, I was actually surprised to not mind the way the story was spaced out. Eleven has been alive this whole time but she has been kept a secret by Hopper, hoping to keep her safe. We see another girl in another city who obviously has some type of mental power and she has an 8 on her wrist showing the connection. She came from the lab too, but she’s gone down a different, darker path.

Eleven and Hopper become a pretty tight duo, and while they both lash out for their own reasons, you see a real familial bond here and I loved it. Hopper really grew on me in season 1 but I think he truly became one of my favorites in this season. Especially after he almost dies and he calls Eleven on the radio and gives a little speech about how sorry he was and that he was motivated by this need to keep her safe. I found it endearing and something we could understand. He’s already lost a child, he doesn’t want to lose another one.

You know who else I love? Bob Newby, who deserved so much better but I think if it weren’t for his death, Ms. Byers wouldn’t have been able to push Will to his limits and get the demogorgon out of him. He was her hero who died making sure they all had a way out of the lab. This season we met a girl named Max, who actually caught the boys’ interest when they find out she has the record in a game at the arcade. After what feels like forever, she is officially welcomed into the party.

I’m not going to dive into all the details of this season because if I did that I would be here all day, but my favorite character by far is Steve Harrington. Like a lot of other people, I didn’t like him all that much in the beginning but the bond he has with the kids and his determination to protect them warms my heart. I’m glad that in this season we see him as the good guy helping the kids instead of just Nancy’s former love interest. Speaking of Nancy, is she with Jonathan now? Will that stay a thing or will it dissipate like last time? I’m curious to see, but I do hope it lasts.

Onto new jerk on the block Billy. At first glance, he’s your average teenager who has a lot of anger welling up inside of him that makes him lash out at everything and everyone. We find out that his father is pretty tough on him to the point of violence and overall bad parenting, but this is no excuse for his repeated awful behavior throughout this season.

Will has had it rough these last two seasons and I am sincerely hoping that he catches some sort of break next season, but with the ending showing a demogorgon looming over an upside down version of their school, I highly doubt it.

Have you guys watched this latest season? What are your thoughts and do you have any predictions for season 3?

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