Stranger Things Season 3

Stranger Things season 3 came out on July 2nd and here are my thoughts.

Here’s a recap without breaking things apart minute by minute.

  • El and Mike are making out a lot which is stressing Hopper out because he doesn’t know how to communicate his feelings, so he ends up scaring Mike into giving El some space. After spending some time with Max, whose been dating Lucas for awhile now, she ends up dumping Mike because she knows he lied to her.
  • Dustin went away to camp and when he comes back, the gang isn’t really hanging out like they used to and he ends up spending a lot of time with Steve because as it turns out, the Russians have invaded Hopkins and it is up to them to crack the code. This is where Robin comes in, Steve’s eventual love interest who ends up being into girls. Steve doesn’t lose a fight this season, though he still ends up beaten and bruised.
  • Hopper and Joyce! They fight like cats and dogs and during their own side plot having to do with the magnets in Hopkins not working, and they capture a Russian scientist named Alexei. It’s all very hectic and Alexei ends up dying which made me very sad because he genuinely seemed to want to help and seemed like a nice guy who just wanted his cherry slushie.
  • Dustin has a girlfriend named Suzie who we don’t believe is real until they sing a cute duet, while the world around them is falling apart around them, mind you.
  • Billy, Max’s older brother is possessed by the mindflayer and ends up snapping out of it when El reminds him of his mom. He ends up sacrificing himself and despite not liking him, I actually teared up.

Now onto my favorite part of this post; my theories about the finale.

Hopper is alive and here’s why I think so. We didn’t see him die. There was no body. With every other death, from Barb to Bob to Billy we either see the death happen or we see the body afterwards. There is no mistaking that they were killed.

Who did we also think was dead? Eleven. Same story, different person. We watched as it seemed like Eleven would be stuck in the Upside Down forever, just as we watched as Hopper seemingly disintegrated in the explosion. There’s a key point here. In the end credits scene, we are taken back to Russia where we see cells lined up, and a guard approaches one only for another to say “No, not the american.” This means that they have an american in their facility. It could be another american, but Hopper knows more about the gate having been inside the Upside Down himself, and his knowledge of the lab. He’d be crucial to whatever they are trying to do in Russia.

Now we play the waiting game for season 4. What did you guys think of season three? What do you think about Hopper’s disappearance?

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