Jane the Virgin is Over

I’ve given myself ample time to get my feelings in check and figure out how I felt about the series finale.

I thought it was really cute and that it wrapped everything up really nicely. We find out that Mateo as an adult has been the narrator the whole time. Which, while being cute, also gave me the creeps (just a little) because that means he was also the voice that commented on the intimate moments of the story. That’s a little fact to dwell on, so I’ll move on. I loved how it was Rafael who did something spontaneous for the sake of Jane’s writing, because it really showed that he has her back all the way.

I’ve said this before and I’m sure this won’t be the last time that I say this but I really don’t do well with endings. They leave me feeling, for lack of better words; icky. I never truly know how to feel after something I’ve watched progress comes to an end. I do have to say however, that I believe this was the ending the show deserved. It was an ending that came on their terms and not as a result of a sudden cancellation.

Things definitely got emotional, especially during two specific scenes; the wedding and the three women talking about why Xo changed her mind about moving to New York. Change is hard, I think everyone can agree to that on some degree. So that scene really resonated with me, because if I had to make that choice to move to a brand new state and leave behind my family, I’d probably chicken out and choose to stay in my familiar surroundings.

Highlights for Me:
1. Rafael calling Rogelio ‘Dad’ during the wedding. He did it when he felt comfortable doing it which made it that much more sweet.
2. Jane and Rafael after she apologizes to him for not taking the time to write her vows earlier.
3. Petra and JR reuniting because Petra Solano has come such a long way she deserved her happy ending too.
4. That scene where Alba is staring at the living room, reliving all the big memories they have made over the last few years. This one got me and I started crying.

I believe that the ending was fitting because it wasn’t closing the book of their lives, it was showing us that they have much to go but by telling us that Jane’s story becomes the very show we are watching shows us that everything turns out for the better. We get the happy ending that telenovelas are known for. It’s a bittersweet ending because while it left me feeling satisfied, I am obviously going to miss watching the show every week.

What did you guys think of the series finale? What do you think could have made it better for you?

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