Descendants 2

Photo taken from the Descendants 2 Wiki Page

If you liked the first movie chances are you loved the second movie even more. With the first being used to set the foundation of the storyline, show that the core four aren’t like their parents and instead chose to be good. Set 6 months after the ending of the first movie, Mal is shown to be losing her mind just a little under all the pressure she has placed upon herself to be the perfect lady of the court. After a fight with Ben when he finds out she’s been using magic this whole time, she returns to the Isle where he inevitably follows her with the help of Evie, Carlos and Jay. On the Isle, they end up colliding with Uma and her pirates with Mal’s group winning in the end. At the end, we see Ben who has been spelled by Uma with the only solution being true love’s kiss (because it wouldn’t be a Disney fairy tale otherwise) and Uma turns into a giant squid where the only reasonable decision was for Mal to turn into a giant dragon. Ben dives into the water and tries to find a better way, and after one long look, Uma leaves and swims in the opposite direction.

So I just threw a lot of information at you, let me break it down for you. Uma, who is Ursula’s daughter, has bad blood with Mal that goes back to when they were children and Mal apparently denied Uma the chance to join their crew. Holding a grudge, she creates her own crew comprised of Harry Hook as her right hand mate, with another notable name being Gil; Gaston’s son. In this movie we get “It’s Going Down” which is probably my favorite song from this one, with the choreography being really cool to watch. The two sides are fighting because Uma’s group kidnapped Ben in exchange for the magic wand. Ben, being ever the optimistic, tries to get the two girls to reach a middle ground but that fails and they end up having a sword fight with Mal’s group managing to gain the upper-hand and escape back to Auradon. Only to find out that Mal left her spell book and Uma found it and snuck onto the ship and managed to spell Ben so he thought he was in love with Uma and not Mal.

If you want to know more of the details, you should really go watch the movie because it’s a fun fast-paced adventure that shows how much the characters have grown in just a few months. I do believe that the sequels are better than the first one because you can tell that the actors really found their footing with the characters. The movies begin to age up just enough for them to be great films for kids and young adults alike. Something I did notice however is that we don’t see any of the villain parents in this one despite the ample amount of time spent back on the Isle. It really makes you believe that the parents were never truly connected to their kids, even though at the end of the first movie we see them watching the fireworks after the coronation with seemingly proud expressions on their face.

I think we get a lot more songs that I enjoyed in this one, probably because the songs start becoming more than just catchy tunes for kids. By this point I’ve seen this movie twice and I still found myself completely enraptured by the world, and it never turned into something that was just on in the background while I did something else. That’s a really big point for me, because I’ve even been listening to the songs while doing other things.

What did you guys think of the second installment? What were you wishing for but didn’t see? What were you hoping to see in the third? Let me know, I’d love to hear from you guys.

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