The Lion King (2019)

Theatrical release poster

I want to make one thing very clear from the jump. I love The Lion King, it holds a very special place in my heart and I’ve seen every movie from the original franchise. So when the live-action movie was announced, I was very excited. As more cast members were announced, the excitement grew. In the actual movie theater watching the movie, I was still enjoying the film as a whole. Unlike my other reviews, I will not be going over the plot since the live-action was the exact same as the original. This will purely be my opinion of the film.

Realistic CGI is great but it seems to be very situational. When I am watching a movie about animals that sing songs, I do not think this is the correct place for all the animals to look incredibly realistic. It makes it hard to suspend my disbelief. The songs were still great, I still sang along with them but if I had to choose between the original and this remake; the original would win every day. I don’t think the audience intended to walk into the movie theater for The Lion King and watch what could pass off as a national geographic version. Despite this, I do think the movie was incredibly well done. I am not ignorant to the amount of work and skill it takes to make CGI look that well produced, but I do believe there is a time and place for it.

And despite knowing Mufasa was going to die, I still cried. It’s just such a sad scene no matter how old you are; little Simba finding his dad’s body and just laying down with him because he has no idea what else to do. It’s heartbreaking.

I believe that as a whole, the movie was really phenomenal in terms of production value. However, as an avid Disney cartoon fan, it did not leave me wanting more. I’ve seen some really well done fan-made alternatives to how the animation could have been done that would have left the characters very cartoonish, and I do think I would have preferred it that way.

What did you guys think of it though? Do you agree or disagree with my opinion? Let me know.

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