Descendants 3

Taken from the Descendants 3 Wiki Page

Since this film is still new, I will be putting a major spoiler warning here so anyone who hasn’t seen the film knows that the plot is explained and an opinion is given.

This film was definitely my favorite of the franchise because it has the most amount of songs that I genuinely listen to on a daily basis. The characters have grown so much in a matter of a year, that you end up watching them venture into adulthood in their own ways. Evie now has a ‘starter castle’ that she runs her clothing business, Mal is going to be Queen of Auradon now that Ben has proposed, Jay is going to do a gap year and explore the world and Carlos wants to become a vet.

Endings are always bittersweet, and I never deal with them well. This is probably something I will have to work on at some point, but for right now, they suck and make me sad. Audrey is the big bad in this one, she comes back to Auradon hoping to win Ben back only to be face to face with his proposal to Mal. Overcome with hurt, jealousy and straight up rage, Audrey steals the crown and Maleficent’s scepter and seeks her revenge on not just Mal and Ben but the whole of Auradon.

We are introduced to Mal’s father; Hades. Yes, as in Hercules’ big foe. He and Mal have an epic song that is tied with ‘Darkness Falls’ as my favorite for this final installment. What else do we get in this movie? Uma and her pirates working with Mal and her friends, their epic song being the already mentioned ‘Darkness Falls’ where they must work together to defeat Knights. They settled their differences, only to find out Mal was lying but I won’t dive into that too much because I don’t want to just regurgitate the plot synopsis. By the end of the film, Mal announces that she wants to break the barrier down forever and Ben ultimately agrees and there is a massive final song where the entire cast dances together.

I’d like to point out though, that the parents of our four friends didn’t show up, which really made me feel for the kids because at the end of the day, they were still their parents. Carlos obviously thought his mom would show up because he was speaking to Jane and Dude about how he was going to tell his mom he wanted to be a vet.

I really enjoyed this film, and it left us knowing that our beloved characters would be okay. They would continue working together and dealing with whatever obstacles come about. I feel it’s only right to mention how sad I felt during both viewings whenever Carlos, played by Cameron Boyce, came onto the screen. There’s a vibrancy that was always present whenever he was on the screen. He will be dearly missed, but I found solace knowing that he had always done what he loved to do, and him having one of the final lines in the film felt really fitting.

I think a part of me will always be holding onto hope that this franchise will continue, but I know that it ended where the writers wanted it to. They ended on their terms and didn’t draw out their story until we as the fans didn’t like it anymore. I can respect and admire that.

What did you guys think of the conclusion? Was there anything you wished could happen but didn’t?

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