Always Be My Maybe

Taken from the IMBD page for the movie

This movie for the past couple of months has been on my radar but it was always passed up for something else–not to say it didn’t appeal to me but there was always something else that took my attention away. So last week I finally sat down and I watched it. This was during the span of days where I was watching 1-2 movies a day, just out of boredom and having a long list of movies I wanted to get to.

This was a really cute movie and one that I felt was very relatable. A boy and girl who grew up together end up sleeping together and the safe little world they had created around them implodes. It’s a really tough scene to watch because he’s dealing with the sudden loss of his mother and she is trying to be there for him but he lashes out, as one tends to do when they are feeling so many intense emotions all at once. They don’t reconnect until much much later when she is a successful chef who travels from place to place, and is engaged to a guy that doesn’t really care about her at all. She ends up leaving her fiancĂ© and begins dating again. This leads to another messy situation occurs that involves them going on a double date, her date being Keanu Reeves playing Keanu Reeves. Having the actual celebrity playing themselves makes for a really interesting experience because it makes the scene that much more realistic with just a touch of melodrama. (John Wick gets punched in the face, it’s awesome.)

Throughout the entire movie we’re watching two people realize that they love each other, with one of them taking a lot longer to realize that he was messing everything up by not wanting anything to change. He’s part of a band that he almost wrecks everything for because he gets really drunk before an audition but ultimately he turns his life around and even begins to leave her voice messages saying that he wants her back and that he is oh so happy that his merchandise for the band is finally selling. He later finds out she was buying everything under a fake name because despite everything; she still loved him and wanted him to be successful. She had his back. He just had to grow up and realize what he wanted and not hold himself back any longer.

Ali Wong plays her role brilliantly, she plays an unapologetic business woman who goes for what she wants and isn’t afraid to speak her mind if something doesn’t sit right with her. Randall Park plays his role really well, he encapsulated what it feels like to have the rug pulled out from under you and he showed how hard it could be to get back up, but that you have to do it. If not for anyone else, get up for you. The two of them meshed really well on screen and it made their love story believable.

What did you guys think of the movie? Leave me your thoughts down below!

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