‘Lover’ by Taylor Swift

Releasing on August 23rd, I’ve given myself plenty of time to listen to the album and familiarize myself with the songs and come up with a solid opinion. The verdict is in and I love this album. You may have read my review for Gabbie Hanna’s EP ‘2WAYMIRROR’ and be expecting that same kind of review. This time though, I’m going to be ranking all the songs for me personally, and then picking a few from the bunch to talk about as opposed to speaking about each song specifically. I’m only going to rank my Top 5 because in reality, I do enjoy all the songs so I don’t want to stress myself out by trying to pick apart the final contenders.

super official Ranking system

  1. Paper Rings
  2. London Boy
  3. Lover
  4. I Think He Knows
  5. Cornelia Street

I like shiny things, but I’d marry you with paper rings

Paper Rings, Taylor Swift

This song was immediately my favorite. It wasn’t like Cornelia Street that kind of snuck up on me. It’s such a cute song that just makes me happy listening to it.

They say home is where the heart is
But that’s not where mine lives

London Boy, Taylor Swift

I found this song to be really funny, especially when she is mimicking the english accent. What I really love about this entire album is just how happy she seems to be, it really shows in the lyrics, music and her vocals.

We were a fresh page on the desk
Filling in the blanks as we go

Cornelia Street, Taylor Swift

Fun fact; in the first couple seconds of this song it reminds me of the opening to the Macarena. Go listen to both of them, maybe I am just going crazy. This song is really interesting because she’s showing us how much her relationship means to her, that if it were to end she’d never be able to walk this particular street again. And it makes sense. I’m sure we can all relate to not being able to do certain things because they remind us of someone from our past. It’s honest, and I like that.

I believe that this entire album can be summed up in one word; fun. It’s a fun album to listen to, to sing along too while driving along. Now of course there is an outlier, that being ‘Soon You’ll Get Better.’ One thing I’ve always known about Taylor’s music is how honest and raw she is. She lays her feelings out on the table always. We’ve seen this in every album, but what makes this one stand out is that she’s unapologetically in love and sappy, and that’s neat. It’s nice when someone is happy and wants to tell the whole wide world that she’s happy. But she isn’t making it seem as though she’s always happy. There are moments of darkness, and I think she has a good balance in this album.

I’ve been a fan of hers since Teardrops on my Guitar, and I’ve never not listened to an album she’s come out with. I think this album may be the best one she’s come out with. It shows a lot of growth personally and professionally. I’m really excited to see what comes next for her.

What did you guys think? If you’ve gone back and listened to Cornelia Street did you hear the funny resemblance to the Macarena’s opening?

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