Hobbs & Shaw

Deckard Shaw was the big bad guy in Furious 7, bent on cleaning his younger brother’s failures when it came to taking down Toretto’s crew. If you haven’t seen that movie, let’s just say that things do not work out and Deckard ends up in prison. But this villain’s story has a twist; we see him once again in The Fate of the Furious but this time, he’s working with the good guys? He helps Dom with his plan to take down the villain of that movie, but since that isn’t what this review is about I’m going to move on.

Hobbs & Shaw stars Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson returning as Luke Hobbs, the hardened cop who takes no back talk and Jason Statham returning as Deckard Shaw, the bad guy gone good guy but who was never really bad in the first place? It’s confusing, and I don’t agree. But I’ll get to that in a bit.

Rather than summarizing the plot, I’m going to gloss over the details so that if you’re interested, you’ll go and watch the movie for yourself because it was an exciting one. In the film, we watch as Hobbs and Shaw are told to team up for the greater good, to fight a group known as Eteon, who are planning on killing the weak and building the strong. It’s your classic the-bad-guys-believe-they-are-saving-mankind trope. What makes this film stick out, is the well choreographed action and car chase sequences. Would it really be a fast and furious film if a ridiculously fast car didn’t manage to squeeze under a semi-truck? The answer is no.

We also get to learn more about Hobbs’ family and why we never see them come around. Turns out when he was younger he turned his own father in to the police and left Samoa because he felt as though he had betrayed his family. We get to see him return home and fix his bond with his brother, and even bringing his daughter to visit later on. That’s what makes the Fast and Furious franchise different from other action movies that I’ve seen; it isn’t just about fast cars and pretty woman, though that is a big portion of it. It’s about family and it’s about loyalty.

Now let’s get back to Deckard Shaw for a moment. Do we remember when we first meet him? He is the man responsible for Hans’ death in Tokyo Drift. And despite this huge fact, we never really see anyone acknowledge this after he decides to fight alongside them. Especially after we find out that he never actually went rogue against M16 and that Brixton (member of Eteon) framed him to ruin his reputation. I’m glad to know that he isn’t the cold-hearted killer that we meet in Furious 7 but he’s still a killer. Granted, no one’s a saint in this franchise, I understand that much but there should at least be a conversation in the upcoming Fast and Furious film that talks about him murdering Hans.

What did you guys think of the film? What’s your opinion on Shaw? I’m really interested in what you guys have to say.

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