Annabelle Comes Home (2019)

Originally released on June 26th, 2019

If you find out that the house you’re in has a room filled to the brim with supposedly cursed artifacts, do yourself a favor and don’t sneak into said room and touch everything in it.

That’s exactly what happens when a girl named Daniela (Katie Sarife) convinces her friend Mary Ellen (Madison Iseman) to let her come over while she’s babysitting the child of the famous demon-fighting duo; the Warrens. Judy Warren, (Mckenna Grace) seems to have followed in her mother’s footsteps, having an ability to see and communicate with spirits. Due to her parents’ well-known choice in career, little Judy has a hard time making friends, instead clinging to Mary Ellen, her babysitter.

What ensues when Daniela, a girl who lost her father and is now trying to contact him, decides to pry into the room of artifacts and ultimately unleashes everything–including Annabelle. The evil doll we have come to recognize through her previous films and cameo in The Conjuring.

Personally, Daniela’s character annoyed me due to her blatant disregard for the rules of the room. Since she believed she’d be able to talk to her dad, it means that she believed in the ghosts and stories of the room–so to ignore the warnings and touch everything anyways, was super annoying. She learned her lesson though, I guess being haunted by evil beings would have that effect on someone.

I actually watched this movie in a theater that had about six other people in the room, and the big screen and powerful speakers combination made it so this movie was definitely scary–but a bit all over the place.

It becomes almost like an anthology of scary stories, a collection of some notable creatures that the Warrens dealt with–but none of them apart from Annabelle warranting their own movie which means they all get sandwiched into this installment. While it was scary, it felt too messy. Too many creatures all packed into one story. It lost it’s structure.

A scary movie has to do more than simply scare you. It has to leave some sort of imprint, have an effect. Being scary is the bare minimum nowadays and this installment felt like it had nothing going for it except for the scares. It lacked lasting power for me, a movie that is easy to skip over if you have another option.

I haven’t watched Annabelle: Creation yet, but I’m planning on it. What did you guys think of this installment?

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