Heir of Fire (2014)

Plot synopsis

Celaena Sardothien, Adarlan’s Assassin has been sent to Wendlyn by the King, under the facade of taking out the royal family so that he can make moves against them without fighting. Little did the King know, that he was sending Aelin Galathynius to a place where she could re access her magic and her fae form. She meets with Maeve, her aunt, who tells her that she will only give her needed information after Aelin has been trained to use her abilities. She is to be trained by Rowan Whitehorn, a full-blooded fae who has been alive for centuries and is one of Maeve’s blood-sworn warriors. In order to manipulate the situation, Maeve did not tell Rowan about Aelin’s history so to him, she seems to be nothing more than a spoiled brat who lacks discipline. He does not know about her history in a slave camp, or what she was put through with Arobynn Hamel.

Throughout the book she begins to train her abilities, struggling to control her flames. But by the end of the book, she has honed her skills and uses them to fight the Valg princes, she returns to Maeve and strikes a bargain to get Rowan released from his blood oath. The moment he is free, he goes to Aelin and offers himself to her with a blood oath, one she welcomes after a bit of an argument. Elsewhere, Ironteeth witches have gathered and been trained to ride Wyverns, and we meet Manon Blackbeak. She is the leader of the Thirteen, a group of Blackbeak witches, who we learn a lot about as the story continues. In the end of the book when Aelin defeats the princes, it sends a direct message to the King. Aelin Galathynius is alive and willing to fight against the King.

my thoughts

This was such a fun book to read because we got to watch as our protagonist allowed herself to transform from Celaena Sardothien, the assassin, to Aelin Galathynius, rightful Queen to Terrasen and user of fire magic. We also watch as she and Rowan are able to learn to trust each other and they grow closer and something he does when he learns everything about her, is that he welcomes her fully–unconditionally. It’s something she didn’t have with Chaol, and I liked the change. I also really liked the shifts between whose story we were reading; whether the point of view shifted from Aelin, to Dorian, to Chaol, to Manon. We got to watch the story unfold through various angles, which added a lot to the overall story and how they all are going to come together in Queen of Shadows.

Let’s talk about Sorscha for a moment. She was so good for Dorian because he was able to trust someone apart from Chaol and Celaena, and he really fell for her so her death really hurt. It was one I saw coming, but that didn’t mean it didn’t hurt any less. We also meet Aedion Ashryver in this one, he is Aelin’s cousin and was trained his whole life to be her most loyal protector. When he believes her to be dead, he begins to work for the King, trying to minimize the deaths in Terrasen as much as possible. He acts under a guise of uncaring and aloof but he shows that he is so much more. In the end, he is taken to the dungeons under the King’s orders, since the King is hoping to use him as bait to get Aelin to Rifthold. Spoiler Alert, but so far Queen of Shadows is my favorite book in the series and that’ll be the next post.

What did you guys think of Heir of Fire, if you’ve read it. If you haven’t, what books have you been reading lately?

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