In the Tall Grass (2019)

Originally released October 4th 2019

Plot synopsis

Essentially, if you go into the grass, you may never come out.

Becky (Laysla De Oliveira) and her brother Cal Demuth (Avery Whitted) are traveling to San Diego so that Becky can give up her baby for adoption. During the drive, Becky gets nauseous and they pull over so she can throw up. While stopped, they hear the sound of a young boy calling for help, claiming to have been in the grass for days and unable to find the road. They go into the grass to help him and that is when everything gets confusing.

Along the way they meet Tobin (Will Buie Jr.), his father Ross (Patrick Wilson), his mother Natalie (Rachel Wilson) and even end up running into Travis (Harrison Gilbertson), the father of Becky’s unborn child. These are all the players on the board. Ross ends up being the henchman of this malevolent force within the grass and the world around all of them begins to loop, time repeating itself and people who are killed being able to come back—as though even in death, they are trapped in the grass.

Travis ends up being the hero, sacrificing himself by touching this mysterious rock that apparently gives the people who touch it the ability to see the way out of the grass. He leads Tobin to the road, and then tells him that he can’t go with him, but makes Tobin swear to not “let them in.” Tobin ends up in the church, as it was a gateway of some sort, and we watch as Becky and Cal’s car is parked on the side of the road, replaying the scene from the beginning of the movie. He manages to get them from venturing into the grass by showing them Becky’s necklace that Travis had given him, and the movie ends with them driving away and we watch as Travis seemingly dies in the grass, after learning that the woman he loves was able to get away safely. The loop finally closes.

My thoughts

I began the movie expecting it to be cults. It was not cults, but it could have been cults? It’s the kind of movie that even when it ended, I wasn’t sure what I knew. It seemed like aliens for a moment, with the rock and the way that it seemed to control Ross. However, it then brought up the question–was Ross really controlled by the rock or was he a willing participant? He killed for the rock. Travis, even after touching the rock, he wanted to help Tobin. He made sure that Becky and Cal didn’t get into the grass. He still had control over his actions, so Ross must have as well. Though, he was in the grass for much longer so maybe he wasn’t right in his mind by the time he touched the rock, so it did have a hold on him?

Also, at one point Travis confronts Cal for having feelings for his own sister, and that was why Cal hated Travis so much. It is never truly addressed, so I don’t know exactly if it was true or not. It was hinted at though out the film, but there’s a lot of questions I still have after it ended. The movie was based on a short story by Stephen King and Joe Hill, that I may end up reading just to see if anything was different in the movie.

Overall, this movie left it’s mark. I was left confused and more than just a bit creeped out.

Have you guys seen the movie? What did you think of it?

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