Fantastic Four (2005)

Originally released on July 8, 2005


Dr. Reed Richards (Ioan Gruffudd) believes that evolution came as a result of a cloud of cosmic energy in space, and he goes to Dr. Victor von Doom (Julian McMahon) to ask for permission to use his private space station in order to study his theory. It is there that he runs into his ex-girlfriend from MIT, the chief genetic’s research, Susan Storm (Jessica Alba). All three of them are joined on the space station by Johnny Storm (Chris Evans) and Ben Grimm (Michael Chiklis). While in space, Reed figures out that the cloud is actually a lot closer than he realized and all of them were in a lot of danger. Ben is out in space when it hits, and Reed, Susan and Johnny are out of the protective shields in order to help but Doom closed the shields behind them. They are all exposed to cosmic energy and they end up getting powers as a result.

Reed gets the power of elasticity, becoming known as Mr. Fantastic. Susan gets the power of invisibility and the ability to create force fields, becoming known as the Invisible Woman. Johnny can engulf himself in flames and can actually fly using his powers, becoming known as the Human Torch. Ben becomes known as The Thing, transforming into a rock-like creature with superhuman strength and durability. Unbeknownst to them until it seems too late, Victor also gained powers–the ability to produce bolts of electricity as his body is transforming into an organic metal.

My thoughts

My immediate thought upon meeting Victor Doom, was ‘of course he is the villain, his name is literally Dr. Doom.” So when this becomes true and he tries to kill the entire team at the end of the film, I wasn’t surprised. He’s also just gross, he and Susan were never even together and yet he felt it was only right to propose to her. It’s a weird scene that just made him seem increasingly vile. Also, this guy is almost always exclusively hidden in the shadows of any scene that he is in. Cinematically, this acted as foreshadowing to the nefarious character hiding underneath the surface.

Someone who isn’t the villain but is definitely still a really bad person? Debbie. Ben’s fiancee who breaks up with him when he comes back and looks different. Even if it wasn’t his fault, she doesn’t even give him time to explain or talks to him again. Acting in fear when he tries to approach her, only adding salt to his wounds since he was already feeling upset about the way he looked. She never deserved him.

Reed is a really cool character because he is someone I can relate to. He doesn’t do anything without looking at the situation from all angles, always thinking very analytically but he grows a lot throughout the movie. He eventually proposes to Susan, showing that he was ready to act on his feelings without stressing about all the variables. I’ve always enjoyed the stories of the Fantastic Four, and I do plan on watching the sequel Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer.

Have you guys watched any of the Fantastic Four movies? What did you think of them? I’ve been noticing a lot of support recently on my posts but I’m hoping more people begin interacting in the comments. I want to hear YOUR thoughts. Let’s have a conversation.

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