Season 7 of Arrow

After using Netflix to catch up on this season since it lost my interest around episode twelve, I have since completed it and wanted to share my thoughts.

I’m not going to lie. The beginning half of this season was really slow for me and by the time it got to the episode “Star City Slayer” I was pretty disconnected. I didn’t really want to dive in and catch up but knowing that this upcoming season set to begin in the fall will be Arrow’s final season, I knew that I had to. I ended up being pleasantly surprised because I think the season really gained speed as it got closer to being over.

We see a lot more connections and overlaps between the time jumps that show us the future to the present day situations. We learn that Felicity and Oliver have a daughter named Mia who ends up following in Oliver’s footsteps by being a skilled archer. This makes sense because we get a really cute montage scene that shows Nyssa training her to be able to fight and defend herself.

I’m not going to go into the plot of this season because I don’t want take up too much time just regurgitating a synopsis you could read anywhere. Something I would like to talk about, more like someone, is Emiko Queen. We are introduced to her and find out that she is Robert Queen’s daughter through an affair he had. We come to learn that he abandoned her and her mother out of fear that Moira was going to divorce him and take everything with her. We feel sympathy for her and hope that she and Oliver can reconcile their differences and be a family.

We are wrong because she ends up being the big bad guy, leader of a secret organization much like the league called the Ninth Circle. Up until this point, we really thought that Ricardo Diaz would continue to be the villain that we focus on, but this changes when Emiko kills him in coldblood. She ends up being a worthy foe who almost kills all of them while simultaneously slandering their names. It is only through a delusion where he has a conversation with Tommy, that Oliver is able learn that he shouldn’t be ruthless when dealing with Emiko because that would only continue his family’s cycle of violence. It all seems to be for nothing because she ends up killed by her own organization, but not before warning Oliver that the Ninth Circle knows about his unborn child and that they needed to go into hiding.

This is where past and future really align themselves because we watch as time passes and Felicity and Oliver settle into a mundane life with their little baby Mia. They even talk about speaking with William’s grandparents so they could have shared custody but then the Monitor shows up. You remember him right? The guy from the crossover event that Oliver bargained with to save Barry and Kara? Well he returns only to tell Oliver that it is time he went through with his deal and we have to watch as he and Felicity say their goodbyes.

The season ends with Dinah, Rene, Roy, John and Felicity passing the torch to their children; Zoe, William, Mia and Connor. We get a really touching scene with Felicity and her two children, now adults, in front of Oliver’s tombstone which only emphasizes the fact he will be dying in the upcoming crossover event.

I think this season ended on a really good note that sets a pretty solid stage for the final chapter, coming this fall. What did you guys think of this season? Let me know!

Jane the Virgin S5E9-10

The CW’s Jane the Virgin airs every Wednesday at 9:00 pm EST

Season 5 Episode 9

The big takeaway from this episode is that Jane finds peace knowing that no matter what happens between her and Rafael, he will always be part of the family because of Mateo. She realizes this at Alba’s wedding to Jorge, and it’s a really beautiful moment.

J.R. and Petra have an argument when Petra finds out that J.R. yelled at the twins because they were being disobedient. By the end of the episode though, they’ve set clear boundaries when it comes to the kids and how J.R. should approach disciplining them. It’s a fine line that the significant others of parents have to deal with; learning what their role is in a parenting capacity.

We end on a cliff hanger where we see Luisa’s neighbor breaking into Rafael’s apartment while he and Mateo are with Luisa at the beach. Since we know he is working with Rose, we can only assume that something really bad is coming in for a later episode.

Season 5 Episode 10

One thing I really like about this show is its ability to talk about relevant issues in a tasteful manner. In this episode, Mateo’s teacher recommends that Jane and Rafael get Mateo tested because he is falling behind in school and not doing as well as the other children. This sparks an argument between Raf and Jane because he is adamant that there is nothing wrong and that their son does not need to get tested. Jane disagrees and goes behind his back to make an appointment with a specialist. This isn’t the right thing to do, but it is realistic. She has always taken the initiative in anything concerning Mateo.

Petra douses Rafael with some tough love and tells him to get over himself and get Mateo tested, to which he concedes only to find out that Jane had already called. This ignites that very same spark and he declares later at the doctor’s office that he will be meeting with his lawyer to discuss updating the custody agreement so both parents would have to be in agreement regarding medical decisions. He peels out of the parking lot only for Jane to follow him which results him in driving without paying complete attention and causes him to get in a fender bender. Jane goes to the house that Rafael was trying to sell in order to stall the clients just long enough for Raf to get there. This scene is embarrassing to watch but Rafael shows up and saves the day; selling the house.

Mateo has ADHD and once again, the show handles this information with care and respect. Jane and Rafael both agree that the diagnosis does not change who incredible their son is, it only means that they must work to figure out what the best way to help him is. J.R. and Petra break up because J.R. is going to Houston for a fresh start, and can I just say that this made me really sad because I saw a lot of potential in their relationship. And obviously so did Petra because she shows our Jane the ring she was going to propose with.

Luisa confronts Rose about the fact that her signature is on numerous papers putting all of Rose’s assets in her name. We find out that Michael was getting too close to this information and that is why Rose faked his death and gave him amnesia. The episode ends with Luisa agreeing to work with Rose because Rafael doesn’t trust her enough to let her back into his life.

There are only nine episodes left until this season and thus the show, finishes up. There are still a lot of questions that need to be answered; has the time for Rafael and Jane really passed? What is Rose up to? We have no choice but to wait and see how it all plays out.

The Flash Season 5

The CW’s The Flash recently aired their finale episode for season five and here are some of my thoughts.

The West-Allens

Barry Allen (Grant Gustin), Iris West-Allen (Candice Patton) and Nora West-Allen (Jessica Kennedy Parker) really crushed this season. We see Barry and Iris get thrown into parenthood by an already adult daughter from the future who lies and says she is stuck in the past. We find out that she is lying and that the truth is devastating. She grows up without her father because while she is still too young to remember him, Barry disappears and he doesn’t come back. Desperate to know her father, she goes back in time.

We as the audience find out that she is working with Eobard Thawne aka Reverse Flash a lot sooner than her family does and the moment they do, Barry reacts in a way he finds fitting and he takes her back to the future and leaves her there. Iris and Barry argue and we start to believe that things will only get worse before they get better but the family pulls through. In the end, Nora is erased as the new timeline takes over and this really tore at the heartbroken parents and you could just tell by looking at their faces.

The Finale Episode

Before I dive into this episode, let’s talk about Grace Gibbons for a second. Future Grace is portrayed by Sarah Carter, who to the arrowverse is new but to the CW? Not at all. You may remember her as Alicia Baker from Smallville. I found this interesting since Alicia Baker is the complete opposite of Future Grace despite also being a metahuman, but in Baker’s case she was extremely loyal to Clark and died because she was being framed. I digress.

Fun Fact:
It is a reoccuring fact for actors and actresses from this pioneer show that followed Clark Kent before he became Superman to reappear in later CW shows. Jessica Kennedy Parker, Ian Somerhalder and Paul Wesley, just to name a few.

In this episode we find out that once again, the Reverse Flash is calling all the shots and Nora fell for it. We really can’t fault her for it because she did believe that he was just trying to help. He mentions to Flash that they will see each other again during the next crisis. Obviously alluding to the next crossover ‘Crisis on Infinite Earths’ set to come in later 2019 and early 2020. I’m looking forward to seeing what happens since Arrow is slated to end with this upcoming season, and have a shorter amount of episodes. Still recovering from Endgame, I can’t help but wonder which beloved characters will be fighting to stay alive.

I really enjoyed the parallels in this episode, from Nora and Barry punching Thawne together just like they did with the satellite. The fact that Nora only helped Barry because Thawne told her to makes this parallel that much more satisfying. Overall, The Flash continues to be a show that is visually stunning to look at.

Extras & My Theory!

  • Captain Singh is leaving and named Joe as his successor, and even tells Barry that he knows he’s the Flash.
  • So we see Nora disappear and we realize that the timeline has changed, so MAYBE this is how we end up getting Dawn and Don Allen, the Tornado Twins of Barry and Iris.
  • I refuse to believe we lose the Flash, so they’ll figure out how to change the timeline again just like they did when Iris was meant to die because of Savitar.

Alright this post got away from me, but there you have it. My thoughts on Season Five of the CW’s The Flash.

Riverdale Season 3 Finale

If the title didn’t warn you this post will contain spoilers and basically nothing but spoilers. So if you haven’t had a chance to watch the Riverdale Season 3 finale “Survive the Night” then go do that and come back and read this.

To recap, we find out the big bad guy that has been driving it all from behind the scenes is none other than Penelope Blossom. She has been biding her time until she could finally get her revenge on Riverdale; the town that she believes is cursed and has betrayed her on more than one occasion. Oh and the gargoyle king? Turns out to be none other than Chic, you remember him right? The guy who pretended to be Alice’s lost son who also turned out to be super vile and Betty gave him up to the black hood before she knew it was her father? Yeah, that guy. He’s the gargoyle king and he is crazy. At one point, Jughead asks him why he would want to be the king and he says “who hasn’t wanted to be king? to have blood sacrifices done in your name?” The unmistakable words of a crazy person.

One of my favorite story lines this season has been about the Farm because the fact that it was so clearly a cult and yet it had seemingly gained the trust of Alice Cooper. it was increasingly frustrating to know that something shady was happening and yet there was no solid evidence. But then we find out that this entire time, the farm was harvesting organs from their followers and selling them. This bombshell is found out by Betty and when she proves it to Cheryl, she goes to get Toni out before her surgery is happening. The organs act like ice water and wake Cheryl and Toni out of the trance that the farm seemed to have them in. Well, it seemed to. We see at the end of the episode that Cheryl took Jason’s body and has him in the house now, and she talks to him. I’m interested in seeing how this plays out for her next season.

It wouldn’t be a season finale if we weren’t left on a cliff hanger. This one came in the form of a flash forward that shows Betty, Veronica and Archie in their underwear standing over a fire and splattered with bloody. Betty tells them that they have to burn all of their clothing, including Jughead’s beanie and that they’d all go their separate ways and never talk about what happened. Jughead isn’t shown, but his beanie is there which hints that he somehow, is the reason they are covered in blood. The CW seems to have a habit right now of flash forwarding or hinting at the demise of a character, with Arrow and the Flash as prime examples. We will see how the story pans out next season which will most likely be returning in the fall.

If you’ve seen the season finale, let me know what your opinions are because I’m sure I left some stuff out of this post because I didn’t want to just regurgitate the plot.

Jane the Virgin S5E5-8

For those of you who have stumbled onto this post without reading my previous JTV posts, bare in mind that they aren’t usually clustered this way, I’m just very behind and working to catch up.

Jane the Virgin S5E5

What stood out to me the most in this episode was Rafael’s behavior and attitude. I thought he was completely out of line to allow Mateo to be mad at Jane and say he hated her just because Raf was hurt and angry as well. I was really happy to see him come to his senses and be there to support Jane as they work to co-parent. I’m worried that he will start having a substance issue since we last see him taking some sort of pill with alcohol. Jane also confesses that she needs to figure out how she feels about Michael, which I agree with, and begins to write again finally.

Jane the Virgin S5E6

Will Jane go to Montana? Will she realize who she wants to be with? Will I ever get used to Alba talking about vibrators? That’s the one question I have the answer to and the answer is no, no I will not.

Jane the Virgin S5E7

Since I’m writing these little snippets as I finish the episodes, I’m a bit all over the place. My bad. So in this episode, Jane spends a couple days with Michael in Montana so they can figure out how they feel about eachother. She figures out that she wants to be with Rafael and that she loves him, but he says he doesn’t trust her and he says he can’t do it. Jane isn’t giving up though, determined to win Rafael’s trust and love back. Also, Sin Rostro is up to some shady stuff in the background but it hasn’t been pushed to the forefront yet.

Jane the Virgin S5E8

When Jane spirals, she spirals so fast and so deep that it’s hard to get a hold of her. Sometimes it makes her annoying but it also makes her a character that people can relate to. Though she doesn’t understand people’s boundaries in general, which makes the beginning of this episode very frustrating.

Here’s my thing with Jane, she gets an inch and has to take a mile. That’s evident in the scene where she shows up at the Fuller house that Rafael is trying to sell. Because she thought there was an opening, she had to do a big romantic gesture that blows up in her face when Rafael gets angry and tells her that they are through and that she should move on. Xiomara says something really poignant at this point. Jane says “I just don’t believe in my heart, that it is over” to which her mom says “You don’t have to believe it but you have to accept it.” This is a great scene that reminds me how much I love the interactions between Xiomara and Jane.

Jorge realizes that he was being prideful and that he loves Alba, so they get back together and you can tell how happy she is. I loved that. Another thing that I love? JR and Petra! I love that the moment Petra found out that her kids are scared of JR she is ready to end things because being a mom is her top priority. JR then agrees but that she wants a chance to bond with them first.

We also catch another glimpse of that guy from Rose’s little group sitting in a car watching Rafael as he calls Luisa and pretends to be at the laundromat. Weird things are happening and I’m waiting for them to come to the surface so we as the audience can know more.

Few hours of my life later and I am officially all caught up. New JTV post coming next thursday.

Jane the Virgin S5E4

Michael is no longer Jason, and now he has all of his memories back. That means, he loves Jane again and the plot thickens and Rafael is heartbroken. Now, he does something here that I find really interesting, in that by the end of the episode he is telling Jane to leave, and Mateo hears, and says that he wants to stay with his dad.

Jane realizes that this is her worst nightmare, being on seemingly different sides of a line from her son and Rafael. I’m curious to see how this plays out, because I do feel for Rafael. They’ve all been in this situation before, where Jane is caught between the two of them. In the past, she has always chosen Michael so it begs the question, will she choose him again? It’s only the fourth episode and I’m already stressed about it. Petra’s mom is back and wow, I did not miss her. Absolutely horrid. Speaking of Petra, she is back with JR which is so cute and I am so happy. She actually has her chance of being happy and I’m very excited for her.

The scene where Michael and Rafael are chasing Jane while carrying giant tea cups was both funny and very creepy. I look forward to seeing what next week brings and how Jane handles Rafael turning a cold shoulder, and the fact Michael is clearly here to stay and get her back.

Chilling Adventures of Sabrina Season Two

For anyone who hasn’t watched the newest season of The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina, this post will have spoilers galore.

I’m going to break up this ramble fest into parts; the romance, the gore, and the plot. This way, I can gush about each aspect individually rather than going back and forth in a seemingly disorganized way.

The Romance

Season one ends with Harvey and Sabrina on the outs, she signs the book of the beast and now feeling the darkness within her, says she can’t be with him because it would be too dangerous. While I agreed with the sentiment, it made me wonder what direction the story would go because anyone who watched Sabrina the Teenage Witch, knew that Harvey and Sabrina were deemed endgame. A big wrench in the form of warlock Nicholas Scratch was thrown into the match with season two, with their relationship growing from allies, to friends, to a couple in the span of a few episodes. They even agree to spend Lupercalia together, the more risqué witch version of Valentine’s Day.

Personally, I am leaning towards Scratch because of his faith in Sabrina. Harvey has all the reason to be wary about magic and what it means to be a witch because he found out about Sabrina’s family and her powers in the worst possible way. However, he should have believed in her. Scratch on the other hand, never seemed to doubt her. He’s on her side completely, by her side no matter what controversial plans she makes and no matter how openly she went against Blackwood and even the devil himself. (More on that in The Plot) On the mortal side of things, Ros and Harvey are a couple. This didn’t necessarily shock me, but it did seem a little quick in terms of growth. I do like them together though, except when they team up against Sabrina, accusing her of being the reason Ros finally lost her eyesight.

The Gore

Without a doubt, this season offered far more in the gore department than the first season. One scene I haven’t gotten over mentally is the cruel fate of Ambrose’s familiar, Leviathan where he got dropped into a meat grinder. I still think about it and haven’t gotten over it. There’s also another scene where Lilith is ripping a rib out of herself, and honestly, could have done without it. This season had a lot more scenes that were hard for me to watch only because of the sounds. However, it never crossed the line of being unbearable. It seemed as though the special effects were used a lot more liberally this time around, with numerous points where people are beheaded or we are shown the illusion of someone else being cut in half.

The Plot

Filled with literal daddy issues, the plot twists never seemed to stop. At the end of Season one we see Ambrose being welcomed into a group of warlocks who are all chanting “Hail Satan! Hail Judas!” and looking quite vicious while doing so. We learn more about this group and that Blackwood is not so surprisingly, a horrible person who believes warlocks are above witches and that mortals are the filth of the earth. Without regurgitating a season synopsis to you all, I want to address the big devil of it all.

The devil, it turns out, is Sabrina’s father. Not only that, but Nicholas Scratch was helping him by helping Sabrina. (Full disclosure: I do not think Nicholas had any idea the true motives of the devil, and he actually loves her but I digress) Blackwood has gone out of his mind and is turning his back on everything after attempting to poison the entire coven. In the end, Nicholas sacrifices his own body to bind the devil within, and he is taken to Hell by Queen Lilith (who I ended up being fond of), leaving us to wonder what the next season will bring.


People who turned to this show because they loved Sabrina the Teenage Witch were obviously surprised by the darker turns this show has taken. I, however, with my deep love for horror movies and all things scary, have really come to love the show. I cannot wait to see what comes next for Sabrina and the rest of the characters. What did everyone think of this season? Predictions for next season?

What show should I watch next?

Jane the Virgin S5E3

In this episode we watch as Jason asks Jane out on a date, wanting to see if the chemistry was dead between them before finally signing the divorce papers. It’s frustrating, and I don’t quite understand what made him feel so differently towards Jane. The first episode, we see them bicker and realize all the differences between them, but after one night of square dancing, he wants to try and be with her.

During this episode, Rafael actually confronts Jason and I think Jason says something really interesting. He explains that he looked into his own history and that he and Jane were together before Rafael swooped in and yet, they still got married. A part of me wonders whether Jason is just being vindictive. It’ll take more episodes for me to fully have an opinion.

There’s also a really cute scene with Petra and Jane, because Petra is feeling left out by Jane not speaking with her about Jason. They bond and Jane is finally able to talk to someone who isn’t Rafael or Alba. Petra says something that really stuck with me. “You owe it to yourself to protect yourself and your family.”

Jason and Jane finally have a really nice moment, the first one to seem genuine. For a moment, it does feel like Michael is there, just below the surface but then he’s gone. He explains that he is going to leave and go back to Montana, and as a strong advocate for Rafael and Jane, I was so relieved and happy.

The show touched on a topic that is very important. Rogelio finds out that he is being paid less than River Fields, and he loses his mind. After the dramatics, we find out that the problem isn’t that she is a woman. But rather, as a latino actor, he is being paid less. He says something here that really struck me, that he is out seeking validation from a country that doesn’t seem to appreciate or value him. Without getting too political, because I don’t want this post to be three years long, I think this was a really sweet moment.

Did I mention that Jason seemed to have gotten his memories back when he accidentally scratched the ceiling with a fishing rod and pieces fell down on him like snow?

Coming up:

Looking forward to the new episode this Wednesday, and with a post about it this coming Thursday.

Always Hold Onto Smallville

I’ve done it. I’ve officially completed Smallville, and I’m emotional about it. I’m going to talk about the series finale while also talking about the show as a whole. Less of a review and more like a ‘I need to get these things out of my brain and onto paper.”

Smallville is a ten season long show that follows the story of Clark Kent aka Superman but before he is the man of steel as we know and love. We meet him when he’s a freshman in high school and we leave him right after he defeats darkseid and puts on the red and blue suit with the cape. We are able to watch his journey in understanding his powers, his heritage and figuring out what being a hero actually means.

Along the way we get easter eggs in the form of another well-known characters such as Cyborg, Black Canary, Aquaman, Green Arrow and the Flash. As a precursor show to today’s Arrow, the Flash, Supergirl, etc, Smallville paved the way for our favorite superhero shows. In fact, Arrow premiered the year after Smallville ended, and will be concluding this coming season.

The series finale was a 2 hour long special, which is completely fitting considering how much information they had to throw at us. Lex Luthor is resurrected but because of Tess Mercer, he doesn’t remember anything about Clark Kent. Fun fact; in the fall of 2018 he became the elected President of the United States in the Smallville universe. Can we take a minute and saw how blessed we were that Michael Rosenbaum didn’t use a bald cap while being a series regular? The bald cap made his head look large and awkward during his appearances in the finale.

The writers and everyone behind the scenes did a really good job of tying everything up in a pretty little bow; we get to see Jonathan Kent and Martha Kent give Clark the push he needed in order to finally welcome his kryptonian side completely. We hear Jor-el finally say how proud he is of Clark, which is something that he’s been working towards for so long.

We get the future that Clark saw where Lois is an important journalist with Perry White as her editor and he’s in the full suit, being the public hero for the world. Now, of course it’s a very open ending because his story isn’t complete. Smallville was always meant to show how the man became the hero, and thus when he finally became the hero, the show was over. It’s bittersweet, but it has left me with a really content feeling. Of course, Smallville was hinted at during this past year’s crossover event on the CW, with us going to the Kent farm where the theme song of Smallville is playing. Little details such as this one really help me let go of shows and move to new ones. These characters live on though, and just like with any other fictional world, we can always return to them when we miss them.

Jane the Virgin S5E2

And the show keeps stressing me out. This episode really underlines the evil nature that is Sin Rostro aka Rose, aka Louisa’s on and off again girlfriend. There aren’t really any redeeming factors to her character. She does really awful things and claims that they were for the benefit of others. Currently, she is claiming that she gave Michael amnesia because she was worried he saw her mask lift off last season and was worried he was going to bust her.

Touching on the importance of Catholicism in Jane’s life, and the tricky subject of divorce after Jane finds out she and Michael/Jason are still technically married. In the end, she decides to go through with getting a divorce, and Alba understands and agrees–something that took Jane by surprise.

I’ve come to realize that these episode reviews/rambles won’t be very long because there is only so much that I can talk about without seeming repetitive. Episode three comes out tonight which means the next Jane post will be published this coming Friday. Afterwards, Jane posts are reserved for thursdays with other posts taking place on different days.

Coming Up

I finally completed Smallville this past Monday, so an entire post dedicated to my emotions about the finale and the overall show will be going up this coming Sunday.